CUV Series UV-C Clarifiers (UV Lamp)

CUV Series UV-C Clarifiers

CUV-118: 28.000 BHD

CUV-136: 35.000 BHD

CUV-118: Power Consumption 22W, UV-C 18W, Capacity 20000L, Flow (L/h) 2500, Length 314mm.

CUV-136: Power Consumption 40W, UV-C 36W, Capacity 35000L, Flow (L/h) 4500, Length 490mm.

CUV Series UV-C Clarifiers (UV Lamp)

  • Features:

    • This equipment can mot be used under the water.
    • This dirtiness on the quartz tube will influence the effect of the equipment, please clean the quartz tube in time.
    • The UV light tube should be replaced after 8000 hours.
    • Please do not watch UVC directly or let the skin approach to the UVC.