Evergrow IT 5060

Evergrow IT 5060: 220.000 BHD


Evergrow is well known for its quality lighting systems with performance that can match high-end branded LED lighting units. Evergrow has done even better by designing the ultra thin line 5 watt Cree and Osram LED powered that produces over 1300 BY.


Aquarium size minimum: 64 cm

Aquarium size maximum: 98 cm


Effective power: 130 watts
Net weight: 3.8 kg
Length: 24 inch (600 mm)
Width: 8.5 inch (215 mm)
Thickness: 0.98 inch (25 mm)

    Evergrow IT 5060

    • Features:

      • Wireless control a 6 channels via LCD remote control
      • Sunrise and sunset control and simulation
      • Osram and Cree diodes
      • Thin body, solo 25 mm thick.
      • UL approved power supply with DC output voltage
      • Height / Adjustable length Bracket
      • Suspension kit adjustable in height
      • Super thin aluminum housing excellent for heat dissipation
      • Intelligent temperature controlled fan, energy saving, silent
    • Led:

      Hyper Red: 2 Osram (3W)
      Verde: 2 Cree XPE (3W)
      Deep Blue: 12 Cree XTE (5W)
      Cool White: 10 Cree XTE (5W)
      Blu: 8 Cree XPE (3W)
      Indigo: 6 SemiLEDS (3W)
      UV: 4 SemiLEDS (3W)