FR-SE Fluidized Media Reactors

FR-SE Fluidized Media Reactors: 28.000 BHD



  • Chamber Diameter: 3.2"
  • Height: 14.6"
  • Minimum Tank Height: 12.5"
  • Accommodates aquarium rims up to 1"
  • Maximum Capacity: 1.0L (1000mL)
  • Using GFO: up to 150 gallons
  • Using Activated Carbon: up to 75 gallons
  • Using BioPellets: up to 50 gallons
  • Inlet/Outlet: 1/2" hose barb
  • Recommended Flow Rate: up to 150GPH for carbon or GFO, up to 300GPH for BioPellets*


 *flow rate must be adjusted based on the amount of media used. An adjustable pump or a valve is recommended.


 *Excluding inlet and outlet hose


FR-SE Fluidized Media Reactors

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