Kamoer X5S Wifi Dosing Pump

Kamoer X5S Wifi Dosing Pump: 110.000 BHD



X5S is a 5-channel dosing pump with WIFI remote control. It is mainly used to accurately add various elements needed for the growth of marine organisms to marine bio-cylinders, such as CA, MG, KH, trace elements and so on. Trough the automatic addition. the workload of manual addition can be greatly reduced, and mistakes such as missing, excessive or insufficient addition caused by manual addition can be avoided. 

Kamoer X5S Wifi Dosing Pump

  • Features:

    • WIFI Control of dosing pump via iPhone/Android device
    • Smallest form factor
    • Software updatable via WIFI
    • Battery Back-up – settings saved if power lost
    • High quality PharMed® tubing used in pump heads
    • Flow Rate Calibration for each pump
  • Specifications:

    • 5 x dosing heads
    • Fluid Volume: 0.1ml - 9,999ml
    • Accuracy: P5 <+/-2%