Min S

Min S


250 ml: 15.000 BHD

500 ml: 25.000 BHD


MIN S is a liquid food that helps achieve healthy growth, rich colors and extraordinary tissue fluorescence.


With a unique combination of natural feed particles, marine biopolymers and organic nutrients, MIN S supplies your coral with exactly that.


The addition of MIN S ensures that your coral constantly receives the same nutritious content found in nature.

Min S

  • Features:

    • Natural feed concentrate made from high quality raw materials
    • Perfect balance of food particles and solids, combined with amino acids, vitamins and trace elements
    • Perfect for nutrient-poor reef systems
    • Suitable for all corals
    • Very effective due to high concentration
    • Extreme polyp extension and growth
  • Dosing Recommendations:

    Start with 0.3 ml / 250 liters (66 US gal) every 2 days