ReBiotic 100% Natural

ReBiotic 100% Natural


250 ml: 30.000 BHD

500 ml: 55.000 BHD


REBIOTIC is a unique freeze-dried bacteria mixture used for restoring bacterial stability in saltwater aquariums.


The addition of these special strains help replenish bacterial stability and repair existing bacteria films that have been damaged by sudden system changes or "Old Tank Syndrome".


REBIOTIC bacteria also improves overall water quality and health of live rock without the risk of alternating water chemistry, disrupting deposits, or growing unsightly algae.

ReBiotic 100% Natural

  • Application:

    Place REBIOTIC baterial cultures into a separate container and fill with 1 liter (0,26 US gal.) of aquarium water. Stir the sample water several times to activate bacterial cultures.

    After 1 hour, slowly pour the bacterial solution into a high flow area of the aquarium. Turn OFF skimmer for 6 hours.

    Turn OFF UV and OZONE for approximately 48 hours.

  • Dosing Recommendations:

    Dosage: 1 heaping teaspoon (approx. 5g) per 400 Liters (105 US gal.) of aquarium volume.

    Dose 2x per week for 4  -  6 weeks. After this time add a maintenance dose every 4 weeks.