Red Sea Coral Pro Salt

Red Sea Coral Pro Salt


7 kg: 14.000 BHD

22 kg: 34.000 BHD


Red Sea Coral Pro Salt is a specialty salt mix formulated for today’s advanced reef aquariums. A scientifically formulated marine salt is based on using pure water. This is a necessary to accurately calculate all the elements required to recreate tropical seawater. It is the best way to create a baseline salt formulation that most precisely mirrors the reef environment.


Research laboratories and professional aquaculture facilities often use ultra-pure reverse osmosis and deionized mineral-free water for mixing saltwater. Reef aquarists using RO or RO/DI can have this same level of “saltwater perfection” with Red Sea Coral Pro Salt.


Coral Pro Salt is intended to stimulate growth of SPS and LPS corals in aquariums and frag tanks. The coral-building process of calcification demands adequate levels of Foundation Elements: calcium, magnesium and bio-available carbonates. These elements play a key role in coral metabolism and growth, pH stabilization and ionic strength of the saltwater. Coral Pro Salt contains the levels of foundation elements and trace elements necessary for coral growth in your aquarium.


You won’t have to use additives to “fix” your freshly made saltwater!


Here’s what we really like about Red Sea Coral Pro Salt:

  • Accurately formulated for use with RO/DI water
  • Can also be used with soft water
  • pH stabilizes between 8.2 – 8.5
  • No phosphate or nitrate contamination
  • No need to immediately add extra calcium, magnesium or carbonates


    Red Sea Coral Pro Salt

    • Features:

      • Long-term testing proves captive corals demonstrate vigorous growth and vibrant colors
      • Formulated specifically for the advanced reef aquarist using purified water
      • Provides the extra foundation elements needed to promote coral growth
      • Proper pH level quickly stabilizes after mixing
      • Manufactured in small batches to ensure all elements are evenly blended throughout the salt mix
      • Contains all trace elements needed for fish and invertebrates