Reef and Rivers was established in 2011, we are specialists in Marine Fish and Corals. Reef and Rivers are proud to offer a massive range of aquatic supplies at our shop located in Um Al Hassam, Bahrain.


We are confident you will find precisely the aquatic supplies you need. We offer a wide variety of products available from some of the most reputable suppliers in the marine world.


Our range of aquatic supplies covers a host of different areas, from custom built and branded aquariums to some of the most rare and exquisite livestock, as well as all the accessories you need to maintain your fresh or saltwater tank!

At reef and rivers, we offer complete professional care for any project in hand, whether it is a new installation or a project we have. Our team will offer to provide support and assistance from the initial phase of installing the tank, adjusting water levels and creating a perfect environment for your aquarium.

Our aim, here at Reef and Rivers, is to provide help and advice for anyone to maintain a healthy and thriving underwater environment to enjoy for years to come. Whether you are a retailer or a hobbyist,  Reed and Rivers is the perfect place for you!

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Building 664, Road 3915

Block 339, Um Al Hassam

Kingdom of Bahrain

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